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Our wide range of services and products are developed with precision and attention to deliver vast range of services/ products, which are high not in terms of quality alone but in functionality as well.

To emerge the proffer of the most proficient immeasurable solution of organisational, environmental, manufacturing and construction occupational, safety and health service of the continent surpassing our stakeholders’ expectancy.

To proficiently and dedicatedly customize a solution to meet the
required expectations of our client, offering quality service at
every level of our job at all times. Bringing to bear an impeccable
regulatory practice hhalth and safety of international standards
in all services we engage in through commitment and integrity.

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Our Corporate Policies

Ensuring that our processes and services always meet quality requirements.

Safety Policy

EGONAE LIMITED safety policy is that the health of its people is among the most important considerations in any undertaking.

Health Policy

Work may result in occupational illness. It is therefore essential that early recognition of health hazards is established, monitored, and controlled

Environmental Policy

It is the intention of EGONAE LIMITED to conduct all of its operations in such a manner as to minimize any actions that may endanger or harm the environment.

Waste Segregation Policy

EGONAE LIMITED has as part of her policies Waste Segregation. Having waste baskets in the following colour blue, green and black for proper segregation of waste

Seat Belts Policy

It is the policy of EGONAE LIMITED to ensure that all vehicles both light and heavyduty carry seat belts at the driver and passenger’s seats.

Quality Policy

EGONAE LIMITED is committed to provide our clients competent service in all our services through continual improvement of processes.



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